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6 months. milestone in benning to eat solid food

 As parents one of the biggest concern is what and how much eats our baby. Most of us know that there is a big challenge to find all the ingredients as most as natural , let's say BIO. 
 I dont' t know how manage other mothers in other countries but i can say that i'm happy regarding BIO fruits. In our country Romania you can still find fruits and vegetables that have taste and smell. Although many people from Romania like to go to supermarket i try not to buy fruits and vegetables from there. One reason for i do so is because there are imported and the second one is that i can go and buy fruits and vegetables from peasants.
  I wanted to talk about this topic because many mothers in our country see a good thing in buying already prepared food, like that you find in small jars. They say "It is so good and without preservatives". Therefor i begin  by saying that there is no "milestone for children to eat" but there is milestone for parents to give good food.
 Our grandparents that perhaps lived 80-90 years said that they prepared food every day. I agree that. Maybe is one of the most important thing for your baby to prepare fresh food each day. I think it is a little bit hard but mothers should not complain. As i said before something that is easy for us and child now maybe isn't good for child later.
  For example. At six months you can give your child fruits and cheese. I prepare cheese every day twice a day for 10 o'clock and 5 o'clock meals. It's so easy to prepare cheese from milk 1,5% fat . You boil the  milk and when it has boiled you can add fresh lemon juice. There is another way by adding calcium lactate. After it cools you can give to your child with various kind of fruits or vegetables.
  Maya accepted very well many of them. I do not say that one child gives you enough experience but i can share my experience with you. First you can give your child carrots, fresh carrots. Children like carrots because they are sweet and are very well tolerated. For example i like to preserve carrots with the soil they were grown in.
    Fresh apples or baked apples, bananas are the next yummy fruits you can give. I remember that from four months although she is a breastfed  child i gave her one tea spoon of grape juice. Then you can count on pears. They are a little bit laxative. For children fed with infant formulas pears are good because you prevent constipation. From six months when you introduce solid food is good for obeying the 2-3 days rule: introduce each fruit or vegetable at 2-3 days distance. Then let your imagination regarding combination of fruits grow.  For example baked pumpkin is so delicious, like germans say" lecker".
   Nevertheless children are not the same so each child will respond different. If you pay attention nothing will go wrong. If  your child does not tolerate something don't give him that fruit or vegetable for one week and then try again.
    If  your inspiration is gone think of avocado fresh or baked, mango fresh. Avocado i prefer fresh. It contains good fat and you can combine with lemon juice. Lemon juice is so good for children in small quatities. One tea spoon each day helps flu stay away-))). It is true. Peaches and apricots represent a good choice too.
  The most important rule is to prepare fresh meals.


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  1. Buna
    Numele meu este Maria si de ceva vreme iti citim blogul si iti urmam recomandarile. Avem si noi o pitica de 8 luni.
    Poti, te rog, sa continui sa scrii in romana? Ne este destul de greu sa te citim in engleza.

    Iti multumim mult,
    Maria, Andra si Vlad

  2. Buna,

    Ma bucur nespus de mult ca pot sa fiu de folos . Pitica noastra tot cam aceeasi varsta are.Se apropie de 8 luni. Voi continua sa scriu in romana. Daca cumva vrei sa propui si anumite subiecte poti sa-mi spui, intrucat imi face placere sa aflu si alte opinii.

    toate cele bune si multa veselie,