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the world of learning. how to educate your child.

    Maybe the most important thing in the development of a child is how you interact with your child. The  connection between parents and children has a lot of effects in their attitude as adults.
   As parents we are two romanian parents and we speak with our child in romanian. Nevertheless i try to speak even in English or German maybe she'll be used to hearing words in other languages. She is just 6 months and she is so eager to know , to touch everything. Showing things and talking to her is one of the greatest ways of helping a child to learn. Stimulating their visual and auditive senses helps your child to develop,  let me say,  beautifuly. 
   One day in the park i spoke with another young mother. She told me that sometimes she broke the rule of being what se said "a spartan mother" . That rule was not to take her child in her arms many times. I do not agree the fact that many young mothers see a problem in taking their child in the arms. They say" the child will get used to that" . I thing that giving your child the confidence from the beginning by holding in your arms is for sure something that you cannot buy him later.
   I consider that more important that buying expensive cars and clothes is their education. Sadly for our times many children do not read with pleasure and that is for their parents don t read. Sometimes i miss to talk with people of my age about a good book or song. Evenso i'm happy because i can talk to my child. Even she is 6 months when she wants to sleep, we listen to good music: Frank Sinatra, Queen, Ray Charles, Andre Rieu. I agree that not classical music boosts your child intelligence,that is encoded in our genes, it helps to see the true beauty of a good song.  I dance with her on Julio Iglesias, Louis Prima. I sing to her in spite of having a bad voice. Songs like "Dont worry be happy", "Cielito lindo", Danube love interpreted by Andre Rieu, all the waltzes are just a minor part of what you can offer to your child. For example Pavarotti and friends is so calming for a child.
  Another thing that comes in my mind that will help communicate with your child is playing. Maya , my daughter not that she enjoys playing, but she loves it. At this age differant colored small toys are the center of attraction. Because now she can sit she moves from one hand to another differant kind of toys.
  Another thing important in her development is observing. When we go for a walk in the park and that happens quite often she likes to see people, to admire trees and birds.  I thing that explaining things to a child as if you were talking with an adult is a good way of showing him the reality of life and things that later in their life will confront with.

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